1. Our Thai Massage is so unique:

The Best Healing Massage Treatment


Whether you're feeling stiff from sitting in front of a computer all day, having chronic pain or just plain stressed, these treatments will help.


Published: January 27, 2017  


When you’re stressed and in serious need of down time, getting a massage can feel life-changing. Though we think of a massage as a luxury, studies show its benefits go beyond relaxation to include relief from chronic pain and improved immune function.


"People are much more knowledgeable about their health and bodies, and that includes choosing a massage modality that can accomplish a particular goal, such as relief from muscle pain or ‘tech neck,’” says Beth McGroarty, research director of the Global Wellness Institute, a Miami-based global think tank for the spa and wellness industry. We asked the experts at Spafinder (spafinder.com) to tell us which massages they expect to be popular this year. Here’s what they shared:


Thai Massage 

Best if you’re… feeling stiff from sitting in front of a computer all day.

How it works: You wear loose-fitting clothes as you lie on a floor mat or table while a therapist performs a series of yoga-like stretches for deep relaxation, stress relief and enhanced circulation. For example, he might place his shoulder under your heel to lift your leg and stretch your hamstring, according to Spafinder. 


Where to go: The IT Girl Massage Therapy, Montclair. Reflections Spa and Salon at Grand Cascades Lodge, Crystal Springs Resort, Hamburg. Soothing Zen Day Spa, Millburn. 


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2. Beauty News NYC introduces Soothing Zen Day Spa

Millburn, New Jersey’s Soothing Zen Day Spa




Link: http://www.beautynewsnyc.com/metro-mama-metro-baby/millburn-new-jerseys-soothing-zen-day-spa/



It’s that time of year again… Back to School!! The craziness of getting the family out of the summer mode and into the routine of school, carpooling, homework and more activities than there are days in the week can be overwhelming and stressful. So, it’s the perfect time to take a quick time-out to visit the spa and get some well-deserved pampering. Fortunately, the spa industry has expanded so much so that you don’t have to travel outside of your own hometown for a relaxing spa treatment.



Soothing Zen Day Spa just opened a few months ago in Millburn, New Jersey. My daughter and I enjoyed an afternoon of bonding and relaxation with their Mother-Daughter package that includes an ice cream foot soak, a berry buff foot scrub, a papaya leaf foot mask and a coconut lotion foot massage. The 50-minute session is only $49 for moms and $29 for kids. Not a bad price for some quality time with your child. My 6-year-old daughter has been begging to go back and we’ve been ‘playing spa’ at home ever since! The owner of Soothing Zen Day Spa deliberately strayed from the familiar hues and décor of your typical spa. SZDS is unique in that it features 5 theme-based rooms: Galaxy Room, Asian Bamboo Room, Cave and Stone Room, Green Forest Room and Blue Ocean Room. My daughter flipped when she got the grand tour.



The spa also offers services including massage, facials, waxing, body treatments and spa parties. Unique services include Foot Reflexology, Thai Massage, Bamboo Massage and Lava Shell Massage. All of their employees are specially trained professional licensed massage therapists or estheticians with innovative techniques and years of experience. They’ve cut out the frou-frou of expensive spas and focused on giving their clients a reasonably priced, relaxing zen-like spa experience. So, have some breakfast at Squirrel and the Bee or follow up your massage with dinner at Common Lot and visit Soothing Zen Spa in the heart of charming Millburn, New Jersey. Go to http://www.soothingzen.com or call 339-927-3008 to book your appointment and mention you’re a first time client. Originally published August 2016

3.   4 Soothing Spas to Give You A Beautiful Start to the Year





After surviving the hectic year-end festivities, the beginning of the year (hey, it’s still January!) is an ideal time to make a fresh start with a beauty respite. These ideas might inspire you to rejuvenate, relax and put on a glowing face for the days ahead.


Soothing Zen Day Spa

38 Main Street, Millburn



An oasis in Millburn’s thriving downtown, this day spa flies under the radar with a modest storefront façade. Inside, you’ll find a welcoming staff under the direction of owner Jierong Cheng. Treatments like Thai massage, a yoga-like stretch session that is led by a practitioner, add a new level of relaxation and will leave you feeling more limber than you thought possible. A recent add-on to the ample menu of services is massage mapping. Offered complimentary after a customer receives five treatments, mapping is based on the flow of energy—qi, as it’s know in Eastern traditions. In mapping, the practitioner identifies the areas in the body where energy is stagnant, then recommends the type of massage most beneficial to the client. Soothing Zen also offers facials, including a wrinkle-reducing, 24-karat gold treatment, and revitalizing reflexology performed in a multi-stationed space with zero-gravity-style recliners. There are lots of first-time-customer offers for individuals and couples that make it easy to become a regular.


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