Soothing Zen Monthly Membership


Monthly Membership Benefits:

Enjoy $10 off for 60 minutes, 75 minutes and 90 minutes massages. 

Enjoy 10% off for all facials (except 30 minutes Express Facial).

Enjoy 60 minutes, 75 minutes reflexology for $5 off every time.


How to enroll in the Monthly Membership Program?

Fill out a form at the front desk, and provide us with your information. Then you will be in our system. We will have your credit card information on file and your card will be automatically charged with $60+tax as a monthly membership fee each month.


How does the Monthly Membership work?

Once enrolled in the monthly membership program, you will be automatically charged for 1st day of each month for a monthly membership fee, which is $60 plus tax.

Please note that the $60+tax monthly membership fee DOES NOT get wasted, it goes directly to any service you choose. 


What if I did not finish the monthly membership fee within a month? What should I do?

As you know, the membership fee will be renewed every 1st day of each month. But if you cannot come for any spa services during that month, what happens to your membership fee then?  Your membership fee will automatically rollover to next month, and it won't expire until 6 months. So make sure you finish your membership fee within 6 months before it expires.


For example, you did not use your membership fee for the month of June 2019, then it rollover to the month of July 2019 automatically, which means by July 2018, you would have 120+tax to spend. And if you still do not use it, June 2018's membership fee will expire on Dec. 1st, 2019.


What if I myself cannot come for the spa services before my membership fee expires?

You can give the balance of your membership fee as a gift card to your friends or families. The gift card will have a same day expiration as the membership fee.


Can I suspend the membership and how?

If the member is on leave, the membership can be suspended for up to 3 months.


How to cancel my membership?

The membership shall continue month to month. You can cancel it any time by giving us at least 30 days in advance notice.


Please note: Membership specials are for members exclusively, and can not be combined with any other specials.


All right reserved. 

For more information regarding the membership, please speak to our front desk.