About Us


Soothing Zen Day Spa was established in April, 2016 in downtown Millburn, NJ. 
We are different from other day spas in town because:
1. We are known for our excellent customer service. 
2. Our employees are professional and friendly.

Every esthetician or massage therapist is professionally trained and licensed in their area. 

3. We believe each client matters. We would tailor the spa service to your needs.

We always inquire about your preference before starting our service. 
4. We never hard-sell. We believe the quality of our service can speak.

If you enjoy our service, you will definitely come back.
5. We value our clients' experience at Soothing Zen and are always ready to take advices from clients.

Who are the massage therapists and estheticians? 


Our massage therapists and estheticians are licensed and trained professionally in both East and West. 

Before starting working at Soothing Zen, the employees had to attend specially-designed courses and training 

programs in order to be qualified to work here. Thanks to their years of massage experiences, they would be able to 

detect your troubled areas even without you telling them. They also know how to take care of your skin based on your 

skin type and will create an unique facial experience for you.


How's working at Soothing Zen fells like?


Soothing Zen has a warm and comfortable working environment. We believe that happier employees make happier clients.

As a tradition, the spa offers a Vocation Together Program for the staff and their family members to travel together and recharge themselves. In this year of 2018, we are travelling to LA, San Francisco, San Diego and many small towns in California, during the period of Aug. 9th to Aug. 17th. We believe we will come back with renewed energy and thus would offer you a better service.