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Soothing Zen Facials
Facial is workout for your face. Here at Soothing Zen, we offer a variety of facials that are customized to your skin type to maximize the benefits of your facial. No matter if you are looking for detoxing, purifying, deep cleaning (extraction), anti-aging or other purposes, our facial will satisfy all your needs.

25 Mins Anti-aging LED Therapy
LED Therapy in Red helps to eliminate the wrinkles, lift up the skin and make you look younger than before. 
25 Mins Anti-acne LED Therapy
Blue LED helps to kill bacteria and calms the skin, it also works to fight acne. 
30 Minutes Express Facial
An express to beauty. Deep-cleans the skin and leave it fresh and soft. 
50 Minutes Teen Facial
A facial that is specially designed for teens. Helps to reduce and prevent teen acne. It also makes the skin come with a natural tone and you will love it. 
60 Minutes Basic Facial
Includes cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extraction, toning, massage and a facial mask.
60 Minutes Anti-Aging Facial
Anti-aging facials use products and techniques designed to slow the Faaging process, brighten skin and reduce wrinkles. If you long for a more youthful complexion, then anti-aging facial should be your option.
60 mins Gentlemen's Facial
A facial specifically targets on men's skin. Gently cleanses, exfoliates the skin pores and leave the skin soft and purified. 
60 Minutes Deep Cleansing Facial
Reduces and controls oil for oily skin. Provides skin with a healthy tone. Comes with a mint mask that tightens the pores while calms the skin.
60 Minutes Sensitive Skin Facial
Comes with oat that calms and soothes skin. 
A mild but effective way to maintain a healthy look of the skin by reducing the sensitiveness of the skin. 
60 Minutes Detox Facial
An effective facial for acne-prone skin and oily skin. Tightens the pores while prevents the skin from acnes. Leaves the skin super clean and soft. 
60 Minutes Hydrating Facial
Offers dry skin a deep hydration. Makes skin glow and soft. 
75 Minutes Microdermabrasion
The premier resurfacing treatment with proven skin revitalizing benefits. Diamonds vibrate away dullness, coarseness and congestion. Immediately lifts lines and wrinkles, diminishes pores and reduces pigmentation. Accelerated cell renewal results in luminous and radiant skin. 
75 mins Soothing Zen Signature Facial
Our signature service. This facial is good for all skin types. We use Aromatherapy and essential oil to make the facial experience not only feels good, but also smells good. 
75 Minutes Anti-aging Facial with LED Therapy
With LED Therapy enhancing the efforts of facial, this is going to be a luxurious facial experience and it can reduce wrinkles, tighten the pores and make your skin glow. 
75 Minutes 24 Carat Gold Facial
With real 24 Carat Gold, this facial is going to be an extremely luxurious experience. Gold is believed to help reducing wrinkles, lift up the skin while brightens the skin tone. 
75 Minutes Hydro-lifting Facial
With advanced hydrofacial machine, this facial hydrates and cleans the skin at the same time, producing more collagen for the skin and removing the dead skin. Skin will feel refreshed especially in the following days of the facial.
75 Minutes Radiance Skin Facial
With vitamins to arose your skin's vitality, this facial focuses on brightening the skin and makes it glow. It helps to even the tones and make you look younger. 
75 Minutes Vitamin C Facial
Vitamin C is the source for young and soft skin. It makes the skin looks natural, highly-hydrated and glowing. 
75 Minutes Reaffirming Facial
The skin will be reaffirmed and tightened. And it helps to reduce wrinkles, maintain a deep cleansing of the pores while detoxes. 
Soothing Zen Massage
All Body Massages are done in beautiful Theme-based Private Rooms, with soothing music to relax your body and mind. Massage Styles offered: Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Bamboo, Thai, Aromatherapy, Lava Shell or Shiatsu . Hangers,robes, and boxes are provided for your clothing & belongings. Add Hot Stones (1), Bamboo Therapy, Lava Shell and/or Essential Oils (3) to your service to enhance the experience and receive the extra benefits. All our therapists are licensed so rest assured, you're in good hands (literally).

30 Minutes Massage
An express way to relief anxiety and enjoy a moment of your own. Forget everything and enjoy your 30 minutes massage with Soothing Zen. 
60 Minutes Massage
The most popular massage people love. An hour of deep relaxation and a escape from work and burdens. Just take a deep breath and enjoy that moment. 
90 Minutes Massage
A 90 Mins Massage is a good option if you have a stiff neck, or if you feel tired and would like to get a deep relaxation. Our massage therapist takes her or his time to make sure every part of the body is well-massaged. 
100 Minutes Massage
Not have enough time for a 120 minutes massage but would like a long massage anyway? Then a 100 minutes massage would be a great option.  Longer time massage is better than short-time because it gives more time to work on the knots and thus will see a better result. 
120 Mins Massage
The longer your massage is, the better the deal. A 120 mins massage allows our massage therapist to not just massage generally on the full body, but to massage in a luxurious way to focus on every single part that you would like. For those who loves massage, this is the best option. 
Cupping can detox the body and relief muscle pain. It's an ancient therapy that helps to stimulate the immune system and thus makes you healthier. 
$20 each.  $50 for 3 sessions. 
Massage Add-ons
Hot Stone         $15
Bamboo            $15
Aromatherapy  $15
Lava Shell        $19
Thai Massage  $19
20 Minutes Mini Massage
Head and Scalp Massage $20
Shoulder and Neck Massage $20
Face Massage $20
Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to certain parts of your feet/hand which are connected to different parts of your body.  You can choose to upgrade your reflexology for Hot Stone for $10. 
30 Minutes Reflexology (Foot Massage)
Your feet are tired? No worries. Let Soothing Zen Day Spa Signature Reflexology takes care of you. Our unique reflexology includes a coconut soak with hot water, a coconut sugar scrub, and a coconut lotion foot massage. 
60 Minutes Reflexology (Foot Massage)
One hour of luxurious foot reflexology including coconut foot soak, coconut sugar scrub and coconut lotion foot massage. Our therapists take care of you all the time to make sure you get prime services. 
75 Minutes Reflexology (Foot Massage)
Longer treatment, better deal. Think of a luxurious way to pamper your feet? This is the deal! 
30 Minutes Hand Reflexology (Hand Massage)
Hands can be tired too. Typing, sending texts and using cell phones is not good to our hands. We need to take care of our hands, and a hand reflexology is the first step to pamper yourself.
50 Minutes Hand and Foot Reflexology Combo
The most popular deal of Soothing Zen. A combination of hand and foot reflexology that takes care of your feet and hands. Everybody loves it.  And you save BIG on this deal too!
Hot Stone Add-on to Reflexology
Yes! Hot Stones are available for foot reflexology and hand reflexology now. Hot Stone can help to relax the muscles more by heating the deeper layer of the tissues. 
Mother and Daughter Package

Ice Cream Foot Soak, 

Berry Buff Foot Scrub,

Papaya Leaf Foot Mask, 

Coconut Lotion Foot Massage. 
Mom: $49 for 50 Minutes
Daughter: $39 for 50 Minutes 
First Time Client Special at Soothing Zen
Soothing Zen has great First Time Client Special rates. Everyone needs to be pampered, and Soothing Zen believes that our massage and facial, reflexology are the ultimate way to relaxation.

First Time Combo Special-2 Hour Massage and Facial
For First Time client only. It includes one hour full body massage and one hour basic facial. In total that would be a 2 hour spa experience. 
(Save $14)
First Time Combo Special-2 Hour Massage and Reflexology
For First Time client only. It includes 1 Hour Full Body Massage and 1 Hour Foot Reflexology, altogether it is a 2 hour spa experience. 
(Save $15)
First Time Combo Special-2 Hour Facial and Reflexology
For first time client only. It includes one hour basic facial and one hour foot reflexology. 
(Save $14)
First Time 2 People Special - 1 Hour Duet Facial
For first time client only. It includes one hour basic facial for two people at the same time. Choose from being in one room or two different rooms. 
(Save $15)
First Time 2 People Special - 1 Hour Duet Massage
For first time clients only. This is a service for two people getting massage at the same time, it can either be in the same room or different room. 
(Save $15)
First Time 2 People Special - 1 Hour Duet Reflexology
For first time client only. It includes two people getting foot reflexology at the same time. 
$95 (Save $15)
First Time Special - 50 mins Massage
For first time client only. It is an introductory full body massage. 
First Time Special - 50 mins facial
For first time client only. Including a 50 mins basic facial. 
Combo Special
Combo Specials are the most popular services at Soothing Zen. By getting at least two different kinds of services during the same visit, you will truly feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Combo Special - 30 mins Massage & 30 mins reflexology
Includes one 30 minutes massage and one 30 minutes foot reflexology. Please not that due to the limitation of the 30 minutes, a 30 minutes massage is not a full body massage. 
$60 (Save $10)
Combo Special - 30 mins facial & 30 mins reflexology
Includes one 30 mins express facial and one 30 mins foot reflexology. 
$70 (Save $10) 
Combo Special - 30 mins Massage & 30 mins Facial
Including a 30 mins Massage and a 30 mins Express Facial. A 30 mins massage, due to its limited time, is not a full body massage, but will focus on back, neck, shoulders or other specific areas if required. 
$70 (Save $10)
Combo Special - 1 Hour Massage & 30 mins reflexology
Includes one hour full body massage (the massage can be Swedish/Deep Tissue/Tui Na) and a 30 mins foot reflexology. 
$85 (Save $10) 
Combo Special - 1 Hour Massage & 30 mins Facial
Includes one hour full body massage (Swedish or Deep Tissue or Tuina) and 30 mins express facial.
$95 (Save $10)
Combo Special - 1 Hour Facial & 30 mins Reflexology
Includes a 60 minutes Basic Facial and a 30 mins Foot Reflexology. 
$94 (Save $10)
Combo Special - 1 Hour Facial & 30 mins Massage
Includes one hour Basic Facial and a 30 mins Massage. Please note that a 30 mins massage is not a full body massage due to its limitation of time, but a 30 mins massage can focus on back, arms, shoulders, and other areas if required. 
$94 (Save $10)
Combo Special - 1 Hour Reflexology & 30 mins Massage
Includes one hour foot reflexology and 30 mins massage. Please note that due to the time limitation, a 30 mins massage is not a full body massage, but will focus on certain areas (majorly the back). 
$80 (Save $10)
Combo Special - 1 Hour Reflexology & 30 mins Facial
Includes one hour foot reflexology and a 30 mins Express Facial. 
$90 (Save $10) 
Combo Special - 2 Hour Massage and Facial
Includes one hour basic facial and one hour full body massage (choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue or Tuina).
(Save $10)
Combo Special - 2 Hour Massage and Reflexology
Includes 1 Hour Massage ( full body massage) and 1 Hour Foot Reflexology. 
(Save $10)
Combo Special - 2 Hour Facial and Reflexology
Includes one hour Basic Facial and one hour Foot Reflexology.
(Save $10)

Professional waxing services are a great way to remove unwanted hair growth on any part of your body. Waxing services will leave your skin smooth and supple for weeks or longer depending on the body part, and the hair will generally grow back lighter and softer than if you were to shave. Our licensed estheticians will provide safe, professional results in a private setting.
Eyebrow Waxing
Face Waxing
Back Waxing
Lip Waxing
Side Burns
Upper Arms Waxing
Lower Arms Waxing
Under Arms Waxing
Full Arms Waxing
Upper Legs Waxing
Lower Legs Waxing
Full Legs Waxing
Chin Waxing
Chest Waxing
Body Treatments
Body Treatments include services like body scrubs, body lotion massage, body detoxing, body exfoliation and body wraps. It helps to make the skin of your body smoothier, boost the immune system and keep your skin hydrated. 

Berry Body Ritual
Escape from your busy life and treat yourself with this amazing berry buff body treatment. Dead, dry skin cells are polished away leaving the skin smoother with a bright and glowing complexion.
Body Firming Treatment
Lifts and firms the body by working on cellulite. Works well on firming the skin. Brings the body back to a better shape.
Dead Sea Mud Wrap
Detox the body with Dead Sea Mud which is rich in minerals. Dead Sea Mud improves elasticity and minimizes pores. Your skin will feel refreshed and clean.
Deep Hydration Body Wrap
Do you want to moist your body with this hydration nutrition pack? This body treatment works well for dehydrated skin. Makes the skin moist and smooth immediately.
Almond and Honey Body Ritual
Honey, oatmeal and almond helps to purify and deep cleanse the skin while soothes and tones the skin at the same time. This body treatment gently remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. Followed by body mask to enhance hydration facts.
Coconut Body Ritual
Leave the skin deliciously fragranced with the tropical scent of coconut. Rich in anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins, this body treatment deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
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